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~ Tuning Up for Tailgate Thursday: The Penn State Nittany Lions vs. The Youngstown State Penguins ~

Saturday, September 4, 2010, Noon EST, Home at Beaver Stadium

Mel's Menu:

JoePa's Wing's 'n Things & a Jalapeno Pirogi Too!

PSU TAILGATE Wings 'N Things & a Piroghi Too!


PSU TAILGATE Wings (Finished) #1~ JoePa's Chicken Wings ~:   This is my husband Joseph's recipe for chicken wings.  FYI:  In our Happy Valley house, our grandson David calls Joe "JoePa" and calls me (Melanie) "GrandMel"!  Sweet!?!

These wings are deep-fried, then sauced in a sweet 'n spicy mixture of honey and hot sauce.  Dipping these into a chunky blue cheese dressing is a guaranteed field goal!PSU TAILGATE Chicken Things (Finished) #1

~ JoePa's Chicken Things ~:  SO much better than fried chicken.  These boneless, skinless, beer-batter dipped, crunchy, panko-crusted chicken "poppers" are downright addictive.  They hold their crunch all day, which really keeps everyone coming back for more!

These get dipped into the same sauce the wings were sauced in.  Is that an easy 2-point conversion or what!?!

Two down and one to go...PSU TAILGATE Piroghi (Finished) #1

~ And a Jalapeno Pirogi Too! ~:  Straight from Hazelton, PA, the home of jalapeno pirogi!

Do you remember that crazy mayor of Hazelton who went on that crazy illegal Mexican immigrant rant (this was big national news a couple of years ago)?  Well, the T&L Pierogie Shop in Hazelton saw this situation quite differently:  there are enough Mexicans living in Hazelton, PA to warrent manufacturing jalapeno piroghi, which T&L can barely keep stocked on the shelves of local PA markets.  Seriously folks, give this some "ah-ha" thought... the only thing better than a well-made, authentic Pennsylvania pirogi is a well-made, Pennsylvania jalapeno pirogi and these fit perfectly into my Pennsylvania melting-pot tailgate menu.  What was that mayor thinking?  These are this game's winning touchdown!

The recipes for my entire tailgate appear in the next 4 posts.  Scroll down, enjoy and remember:


(Commentary and Photos courtesy of Melanie's Kitchen/Copyright 2010) 


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