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~ Culinary Q&A & Kitchen Therapy Too (3/25/11) ~

Culinary Q & A #2 What fun we had here at Kitchen Encounters this week, which we are now affectionately referring to as: Pizza Week.  Over the course of three days we made and posted Preschutti Pizza Sauce, Preschutti Pizza Crust and our favorite Preschutti Pizza Toppings!

You can find the recipe for all three in Categories 2, 5, 8, 12 & 19.

To view a short video/slideshow of each one:

Download Preschutti Pizza Sauce-Medium

Download Preschutti Pizza Crust-Medium

Download Preschutti Pizza Toppings-Medium

PICT0383 This morning, Melanie's Kitchen shot it's 5th cooking segment for WHVL's Centre of it All Show.  I made my ~ "Hail Caesar" Roasted Chicken Caesar Salad a la Mel ~.  This wonderful salad just added to our Pizza Week festivities, because pizza and Caesar salad pair perfectly together. The camera crew, Jeanne, Joe and myself all enjoyed the salad and the leftover pizzas for lunch after the shoot!  You can find the Caesar salad recipe in Categories 2, 3, & 19, or, to view a short video/slideshow:

Download %22Hail Caesar%22 Roasted Chicken Salad a la Mel-Medium

This current Kitchen Encounters w/Melanie Preschutti segment will air on WHVL's The Center of it All Show (channel 235) on Sunday April 3rd and Sunday April 10th at 11:30AM!

Kitchen Encounters also received a request to post a recipe from one of my Facebook friends, who sent me a personal message:

Q. Terrance asks:  Hey Mel.  I was on your blog looking for your lasagna recipe but I could not find it.  Could you please direct me to it?  I loved it so.  I also loved that salad dressing too.  Can I get that recipe too?

A.  Kitchen Encounters:  Terrance, this is your lucky week/weekend.  As I said above, I just finished the recipe for the Caesar salad and the Caesar Dressing, so, you can get that one immediately. I am planning to make the lasagna I served the night you and James were here on Sunday, so, you can plan on me getting it posted for you sometime on Monday evening or Tuesday morning.  Great to hear from you again and come back for a visit soon!

Enjoy your weekend everyone, and once again:  To leave a comment or ask a question, simply click on the blue title of any post, scroll to the end of it and type away!

"We are all in this food world together." ~ Melanie Preschutti

(Photos, Commentary and Video/Slideshows courtesy of Melanie's Kitchen/Copyright 2011)


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