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~The Best of Kitchen Encounters (Me) on WHVL-TV~

A.  Kitchen Encounters LogoI would just be out-and-out lying if I did not say that I love what I do.  In August of 2010, I started Kitchen Encounters in an attempt to share thirty-plus years worth of writing and testing my original recipes with the outside world.  I knew little about the actual workings of the internet or Facebook, nor did I care (that is what my technology-educated husband is for).  I've never placed myself in competition with other bloggers or websites for stats.  I do not compare myself with published authors either, as, I feel the world is changing, and, while they are clinging to the old demands their publishers require of them, credible foodies like myself, armed with a camera set to auto-focus, have the freedom to accomplish anything (I do all of my own stunts). What I did know about myself:  When it comes to cooking, I know my stuff, it's well-documented, and I can hold my own in a room amongst the best (even if at my age I'm not the fastest knife in the West)!

WHVL Setting Up #6Within three months of starting my Kitchen Encounters blog, a unique opportunity presented itself. Thanks to my close friend Scott, I was introduced to the management of a local, fledgling TV station:  WHVL. Admirably, they wanted to include a cooking segment, on their Sunday AM Centre of It All Show, as part of their original programming (which no one in our area does, including our local PBS station, WPSU).  

I became WHVL-TV's "Resident Foodie Mel Preschutti".

Forty-five segments later (and a lot of training and experience that only comes by actual doing):

Their three favorite episodes of me on TV aired this morning!

(click on the blue line/link below to watch)

The Best of WHVL-TV's Kitchen Encounters #1

We're a hard working group of people with a purpose and I'm proud to be associated with them. I'd be out-and-out lying if I did not also say, "I love watching me on TV" on Sunday mornings. Oh, by the way WHVL-TV:  Thanks for saving all of those blooper reels for the Christmas Party!

PICT0008"We are all in this food world together." ~ Melanie Preschutti

(Recipes, Commentary, Video & Photos Courtesy of Melanie's Kitchen/Copyright 2013)


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