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~ 'Ye Olde' Diner-Style Creamed-Spinach Omelette ~

IMG_4361The French omelette is iconic, but, miracle of miracles, we Americans actually improved it.  By allowing our omelette to get a little golden on the outside, which gives it a bit of extra flavor and texture, and, by generously filling it with a heavenly host of filling combos, egg lovers like me have turned the omelette into the hot pocket of beloved egg dishes.  While I make quite a few omelettes during the course of any year, classic recipes with a clear history, popular breakfast-joint favorites, and, recipes with eggs-traordinary stories are the only ones I share.

IMG_9356 IMG_0357For example.  My recipe for ~ My Kinda Cowboy Breakfast:  A Denver Omelette ~ is a classic recipe with a clear history.  My recipe for a ~ Steak, Habanero, Cheddar & Chimichurri Omelette ~ is a popular breakfast-joint favorite.  

If you peruse my Related Article links at the end of this post, you'll find several other omelette options from around the world too.  Today's recipe happens to be one with a unique-to-me story.

IMG_4336While I never make creamed spinach for the sole purpose of making this omelette, I always make this omelette when I make creamed spinach.  When I moved to Happy Valley on September 1st of 1974, the very first place we ate breakfast on our very first day here was:  Ye Olde College Diner on College Avenue in downtown State College, PA.  While we assuredly went there for a taste of their famous grilled stickies, we went there for breakfast too.  We were waiting for the moving truck to arrive at our apartment complex and it was going to be a very long day.  I ordered a "spinach, mushroom & onion omelette" -- my favorite combination.

Yeolde 77370The omelette was far and above the generic SMO omelettes I'd eaten elsewhere. The onions almost melted into the nutmeg-scented eggs, the mushrooms were so finely-diced they probably only took seconds to cook, and, the spinach was creamy-dreamy and green.  My cheese choice, "Swiss", played great with all the other components too.  The best news:  "The Diner" was only a block from my new Sc2a-img_0527apartment.

This is how the face-lifted diner looks today.

IMG_4102 IMG_3735After an on-line check of their current menu, I am sad to report that creamed spinach no longer appears as an option on The Diner's menu.  Sigh.

That said, creamed spinach and mushroom duxelles, which in combination with Gruyère cheese makes for an eggs-traordinary omelette combo, are easy to make and can be kept on-hand for several days.  My recipes ~ It's Not Easy Being Green:  Me & Creamed Spinach ~, and, ~ Duxelles:  Rich, Refined, Mouthwatering Mushrooms ~, can both be found in Category 4 & 14.  Here's my Diner-inspired recipe for:

Mel's Creamed Spinach, Duxelles, Onion & Gruyère Omelette!

IMG_4251For each omelette:

2  large eggs

2  tablespoons heavy or whipping cream

5  grinds each:  freshly-ground sea salt & peppercorn blend

a literal pinch of ground nutmeg

2  teaspoons salted butter

2  tablespoons very-finely-diced yellow or sweet onion

IMG_42702  tablespoons grated Gruyère cheese (pictured in above photo)

1 1/2  tablespoons mushroom duxelles (optional)

6  tablespoons creamed spinach

IMG_4264~ Step 1.  In a 1-cup measuring container, using a fork, whisk the eggs, cream, nutmeg salt & pepper.

IMG_4276 IMG_4279 IMG_4281~Step 2.  Melt butter in skillet over low heat. Adjust heat to medium and add all of the egg mixture to the skillet.  

IMG_4283 IMG_4285 IMG_4288Lift pan from heat and tilt it to roll the egg mixture around the sides of pan. Repeat lifting and rolling 2-3 more times until bottom of eggs are beginning to set and sides are firming up.  Sprinkle onions over surface of the eggs -- do not stir.  Using a thin spatula, gently push the delicate, soft edges of the omelette towards the center while gently lifting and tilting the pan to allow uncooked egg mixture to flow into the bottom.

IMG_4290 IMG_4291 IMG_4294 IMG_4295 IMG_4298~Step 3.  When almost all of the liquid has been transferred to the bottom of the omelette (the surface will still be moist), lower the heat to medium-low.  Sprinkle the grated cheese over 1/2 of the omelette, and, after it has partially melted, which will take 45-60 seconds, top the cheese with random "dots' of the duxelles.  Using a very light touch, so as not to rip or tear the egg mixture, distribute the creamed spinach over the duxelles.

IMG_4304 IMG_4307~ Step 4. Using a wide spatula, lift the unfilled side of the omelette up and over the filled side.

Turn the heat off and allow the omelette to sit, in the pan on the warm stovetop, for a full 1-1 1/2 minutes, for the spinach (which is fully cooked) to heat through.

Hold the skillet over a 9" plate, tilt skillet downwards, and, using the aid of the wide spatula placed at the folded side of the omelette, gently push and slide it, don't lift it, down onto the plate.

Serve w/toasted bread -- trust me this omelette requires toast:


Enjoy every rich, creamy, dreamy, meatless bite:

IMG_4369'Ye Olde' Diner-Style Creamed-Spinach Omelette: Recipe yields instructions to make as many 2-egg omelettes as you want to make.  Note from Mel:  Because creamed spinach and mushroom duxelles are both rich, creamy and filling, I find that making a smaller, 2-egg omelette is preferable to a larger 3-egg omelette (enough to feed two people).  That choice is yours.

Special Equipment List:  cutting board; chef's knife; 8" omelette pan, preferably nonstick or 8" nonstick skillet; fork; thin-spatula; wide spatula

6a0120a8551282970b017ee81a6e6f970dCook's Note:  Besides toast, I love to serve creamed spinach omelettes with my recipe for ~ Grandma Ann's 6-Minute Maple-Glazed Ham Slice ~.  The sweet maple glaze (not to mention ham in general) is the perfect complement to the savory spinach and duxelles. You can find the recipe by clicking into Categories 3, 9, 19 or 20.

"We are all in this food world together." ~ Melanie Preschutti

(Recipe, Commentary and Photos courtesy of Melanie's Kitchen/Copyright 2016) 


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