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~ Sausage, Apple & Herbed-Brie Breakfast Burgers ~

IMG_2731This morning I decided to go eggless -- it's a woman's perogative.  I skipped the skillet and got out the grill pan.  On this frigid January morning, I made what I affectionately refer to as: breakfast 'burgers.  Six-ounce sausage patties topped with lightly-grilled apple slices and melty herbed Brie, served on toasted English muffins.  I conjured up these ladylike, burger-esque breakfast sandwiches years ago.  They're culinary proof that necessity is the mother of invention.  Read on:

IMG_2698We were enjoying an AM tailgate at Beaver Stadium.  When I reached into the Igloo cooler to retrieve the eggs, I realized they hadn't been packed.  While my sausage patties were sizzling on the Weber, I strolled over to our communal snack table and borrowed a wedge of Brie and a big handful of apple slices -- from the elaborate fruit and cheese tray my girlfriend Carole had assembled.  I nabbed the Brie because she'd cut the cheddar into cubes.  Yes, of course I asked Carole's permission and she, of course, granted it.  Instead of scrambled eggs, sausage and muffins for breakfast, on that day, everyone got to eat and critique a new-to-us sandwich.

IMG_26344  6-ounce, 4"-round sausage patties

1  apple, cored and sliced into 12 thin rings (3 apple rings per sandwich)

a pinch of apple pie spice per apple slice

8  ounces herbed Brie, kept cold until it's time to slice it, cut into 1/4" slices

4  English muffins, sliced in half

IMG_2642 IMG_2642 IMG_2642 IMG_2642 IMG_2642~Step 1.  Place the sausage patties on a grill pan over medium- medium-high heat and cook until golden on both sides, turning only once, about 8-10 minutes per side.  Using a spatula, transfer sausage patties from pan to a plate, and set aside (no need to cover them or place them in a warm oven -- all will be fine).  While the sausage patties are cooking:

IMG_2653 IMG_2653 IMG_2662 IMG_2662 IMG_2622 IMG_2622~Step 2.   Using an apple corer and a chef's knife, core and slice the apple as directed.  Without removing packaging (it's easier to slice), using a serrated bread knife, cut the Brie into 1/4"-thick slices, removing and discarding the wrapping as you slice -- generally speaking, this method makes it very easy to slice soft cheeses, like Brie.  

IMG_2673 IMG_2673 IMG_2673 IMG_2673 IMG_2673 IMG_2698~Step 3.  Place apple slices in  still hot grill pan. Lightly, sprinkle tops with apple pie spice.  Over medium-medium-high heat, grill the apple slices, turning only once, until slight grill marks appear on both sides, 2-3 minutes per side.  Do not overcook.  One-at-at-time, remove the apples from the grill pan, placing three on top of each sausage patty.  Portion-to-fit (I used a knife) and arrange the sliced Brie on top of the apples.

IMG_2707 IMG_2707 IMG_2707~Step 4.  Turn the heat off under the grill pan, but leave it on the still hot-to-warm stovetop.  Return the topped sausage patties to grill pan.  Cover the pan and wait, 2-3 minutes for the Brie to slowly soften and start to melt down the sides of the 'burgers.  While the cheese is melting, slice and toast the English muffins.

Get out your grill pan and rethink breakfast:

IMG_2733Go eggless, use apples instead, &, put a lightly-toasted lid on it.

IMG_2761You won't be sorry you did.  Why?  Because this:

IMG_2772Redefines the meaning of breakfast sandwich. 

IMG_2784Sausage, Apple & Herbed-Brie Breakfast Burgers:  Recipe yields instructions to make 4  breakfast burgers.

Special Equipment List: apple corer; cutting board; chef's knife; serrated bread knife; grill pan w/lid; spatula

6a0120a8551282970b017c3696365a970bCook's Note: You've heard me say it before:  I am not a morning person. I don't love cooking breakfast. Eating breakfast -- that's another story.  I love breakfast.  I have a particular weakness for bagel, sausage and egg sandwiches.  Only a NY bakery-style egg bagel, a juicy sweet-sausage patty, and, a fluffy scrambled egg pancake will do. Cheese?  I prefer mine with none, but, I'll put it on, for you -- two slices of white American or yellow cheddar. ~ Egg Bagel, Sausage & Scrambled Egg Sandwich:  A Super-Breakfast for Super Bowl (Sunday) or any Sunday ~.

"We are all in this food world together." ~ Melanie Preschutti

(Recipe, Commentary and Photos courtesy of Melanie's Kitchen/Copyright 2017)


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