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~Thai-Style Grilled Chicken or Pork Tenderloin Sliders~

IMG_0791In Thailand, unlike here in America, sandwiches are not something one finds sold in shops or on the streets -- bread is not a part of the traditional Thai diet.  That said, East met West quite a few decades ago, and, we Americans love sandwiches -- if it can be eaten between two slices of bread, we Americans will figure out a way to do it and make it taste great.  To that end, A trip to Thailand will reveal that nowadays, a portion of the Thai population has come to appreciate and incorporate some bread (mostly flatbreads), in some very tasty Thai-style "fusion food" dishes.

IMG_0782All Thai-style sandwiches are American or Thai-American.  

When Thai cooks brought their food here to the USA, American chefs and cooks who fell in love with Thai flavors worked quickly and successfully at inventing all sorts of Thai-style wraps, Thai-style sandwiches, and Thai-style pizza too.  That's correct:  Thai wraps, sandwiches and pizza are all-American or Thai-American creations.  I know this because my own family thrives on my Thai-inspired creations.  Thanks to some hands-on traditional Thai-cooking training, many authentic recipes, and, yes, creative know-how, me and mine enjoy Thai-inspired fare quite often.

IMG_0561It is not unusual for me to marinate and grill some chicken or pork tenderloins over a Saturday or Sunday to have on-hand for Thai-style salads and sandwiches during the week.  My Basic Thai Marinade for Grilled Poultry or Pork produces succulent, full-throttle Thai-flavored chicken or pork, relatively quickly.  Grill one, the other, or both (detailed instructions for doing both are included in the recipe), then, slice thick or thick, into IMG_0719medallions or strips, chop into cubes, or pull into bite-sized pieces and serve, hot or cold.  Be creative, and, be prepared to accept compliments -- these are so good you'll even impress Thai friends.

When it comes to crunchy and fresh sandwich toppings, allow me to suggest some traditional Spicy Thai Quick-Pickled Cucumbers, or, my Thai Honey-Sesame Broccoli Slaw. That said, soft Bibb or crunchy gem lettuce leaves go with anything, and, who doesn't love a grilled pineapple slice on an Asian-style sandwich. As for drizzly condiments, traditional Spicy Thai Peanut Sauce takes just five-minutes to make, and, if you like Thai food, you already have a bottle of sweet chili sauce (Mae Ploy) in your pantry.  Traditional garnishes include:  lightly-toasted and chopped cashews or peanuts, thinly-sliced scallions, and, minced fresh cilantro leaves.

IMG_0615We can all agree that a soft, flour tortilla is the perfect foil almost any cuisine.  That said, if it's a sandwich roll you're looking for, you've gotta try my Easy Thai-Spiced Bread Machine Slider Rolls.  Laced with garlic and ginger powder, dried Thai basil and Sriracha seasoning, these soft, semi-firm rolls get mixed and proofed in my bread machine then baked in muffin tins, which, besides even-sizing, promotes a high rise and nicely-domed tops.  I bake all my slider rolls in muffin tins.

With any or all of these easy-to-make or prep ingredients...

IMG_0750... Thai-style sandwiches are moments from the lunch box:

IMG_0761Thai-Style Grilled Chicken or Pork Tenderloin Sliders:  Recipe yields instructions to make Thai-style slider rolls and toppings for Thai-style slider-sized sandwiches.

Special Equipment List:  cutting board; chef's knife; serrated bread knife; hardware for specific toppings are listed in specific recipes

6a0120a8551282970b01b8d221395d970cCook's Note:  There's more than one way to fuse Asian fare with the American sandwich.  In my simple and straightforward recipe for ~ Asian Hot-Pot-Style Steak Sliders w/Broccoli Slaw ~, thinly-sliced raw flank steak is cooked Japanese shabby-shabu-style in a full-flavored appropriately-seasoned broth and piled high on slider rolls, and, topped with: my broccoli slaw.

"We are all in this food world together." ~ Melanie Preschutti

(Recipe, Commentary and Photos courtesy of Melanie's Kitchen/Copyright 2018)


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