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~ The Best Way to Assemble & Wrap a Tortilla Wrap ~

IMG_5368The exact origin of the tortilla wrap is not known, but several sandwich shops in various regions of California claim to have created the first one.  None of their stories can be verified, but, one thing that is, for the most part, agreed on:  the tortilla wrap was inspired by the burrito.  When making a tortilla wrap, the general rule of thumb is: any salad or sandwich ingredient combo that can be slapped between two slices of bread or shoved into a pocket bread, can be wrapped in a flour tortilla.  That said, generally speaking, when ordering a tortilla wrap, most folks expect to receive a cold sandwich -- this makes sense, since hot ingredients are mostly associated with burritos. Here in my Happy Valley kitchen, we've been eating wrap sandwiches for a couple of decades, and, burrito-sized flour tortillas are alway on-hand in my kitchen for that specific purpose.

General Rule:  Any sandwich or salad can be made into a wrap.

Be Happy:  Layer everything on a big burrito-size flour tortilla.

The Big Fat No-No:  Overstuffing any wrap.  Just don't do it.

I first encountered wraps back in the latter 80's, in a downtown State College joint named "That's a Wrap" -- a clever name.  It was located across an alley, right at the exit from the parking garage where you walked out of the garage to start your trek into the shopping district. They passed your wrap and beverage (fabulous, fresh-squeezed boardwalk-style lemonade) out the window while you slid your cash in through the window.  One could eat on chairs right there on the sidewalk, or, eat on your way towards your destination.  It didn't matter where one decided to eat it, it was well-constructed and stayed in place from first to last bite.  It wasn't fancy, it was just good.

Place burrito-size flour tortilla atop a piece of plastic wrap:

IMG_5312Slather burrito w/dressing, mayo, sauce or sandwich spread:

IMG_5317Add a flat, thin layer of soft mixed or baby greens:

IMG_5321Add a layer, about 6 slices, thin-sliced cheese:

IMG_5326Add a thin layer, about 6-12 slices, thin-sliced deli meat:

IMG_5329Add a strip of diced tomato, onion, &/or relish-type filling:

IMG_5333Lift & tightly roll end closest to you up & over strip of fillings:

IMG_5338Continue to tightly roll until tortilla sits seam-side-down:

IMG_5342Lift & tightly pull plastic wrap up & over tortilla:

IMG_5346Continue rolling until wrapped tortilla sits seam-side-down:

IMG_5354Crimp & tuck ends under to encase tortilla: 

IMG_5349Slice sandwich at a 30º angle holding knife at a 30º angle:

IMG_5361That's a wrap -- The best way I know to wrap a wrap:

IMG_5383The Best Way to Assemble & Wrap a Tortilla Wrap:  Recipe yields instructions to assemble and wrap deli-style wrap sandwiches.

Special Equipment List:  cutting board; chef's knife; plastic wrap; butter knife; serrated bread knife

IMG_5284Cook's Note: This is not your average deli-style turkey- or turkey-club- wrap sandwich -- bacon need not apply. Inspired by the food culture of the American Southwest, Boars Head Salsalito Turkey Breast is a bold, flavored-packed taste of Southwestern flavors.  Boar's Head Ovengold Turkey Breast had been my go-to staple in the deli-drawer of my refrigerator for years -- a slice here, two slices there, I snacked on some every day.  This new-to-me "flavor" of deli-turkey was suggested ("this one's VERY popular"), when my grocer ran out of Ovengold.  Try my ~ Spicy Southwestern Salsalito Turkey Breast Wrap ~.

"We are all in this food world together." ~ Melanie Preschutti

(Recipe, Commentary and Photos courtesy of Melanie's Kitchen/Copyright 2020)


Ayub -- You're correct!

It's time to eat those. Thanks

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