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~Blazing Buffalo Chicken, Blue Cheese & Slaw Wrap~

IMG_5619I'll admit, I don't buy deli-style chicken breast very often -- I'm more of a deli-turkey-breast sandwich kinda gal.  That said, when I do, nine-out-of-ten-times it is Boar's Head Blazing-Buffalo-style chicken.  Why?  Because my family loves my Buffalo-style chicken wrap sandwiches and every slice of Boars Head Buffalo-style chicken is full of classic RedHot Buffalo-chicken flavor -- it's downright addicting.  Inspired by hot and spicy Buffalo chicken wings, Boars Head Blazing Buffalo Chicken Breast is coated with cayenne red pepper, vinegar and spices for a distinctly piquant taste that delivers the kick of America's popular tailgate treat without the mess.

Lucky lovers of all things Buffalo wings:  it comes in many forms.

6a0120a8551282970b0264e2e99602200dIn my family alone, Nacho Mama's Buffalo Chicken Sheet-Pan Nanchos, Buffalo-Style Shredded Chicken 'n Slaw Sliders, Spicy Blue-Cheesy Buffalo-Style Chicken Dip, Spicy Blue-Cheesy Buffalo-Chicken Quesadillas, Batter-Dipped Buffalo Chicken & Blue Cheese Subs, Sweet-and-Savory-Glazed Buffalo-Chicken Meatballs, Buffalo-Style Skinny Chicken  Tacos, and, Almost Effortless Chunky Buffalo-Style Chicken Chili are ALL wing-night or game-day options.  Tonight Buffalo chicken wraps are on the menu.  

Boar's Head Blazing Buffalo Chicken Breast is irresistible.

IMG_5570For each wrap sandwich, in order of assembly:

1  Mission brand burrito-size super-soft flour tortilla

2-3  tablespoons Frank's RedHot wing sauce

1  thin, flat layer Nature's Promise Spring mix

6  tablespoons Boar's Head blue cheese crumbles

12  whole, thin-sliced slices Boar's Head Buffalo-chicken

6  tablespoons creamy cole slaw

4  tablespoons rough-chopped matchstick carrots

IMG_5578 IMG_5578 IMG_5578 IMG_5578 IMG_5578 IMG_5578~Step 1. To assemble each wrap sandwich, over a large cutting board, drape a large piece of plastic wrap.  Place one flour tortilla in the center. Using a butter knife, slather a thin layer of RedHot wing sauce evenly over the entire surface of the burrito. Arrange a single, flat layer of the Spring mix atop the spicy sauce, followed by a scattering of blue cheese crumbles, followed by two, single, flat layers Buffalo chicken (12 slices).

IMG_5573 IMG_5573 IMG_5573~Step 2.  Fine dice and mix the carrots into the coleslaw.  Towards the upper-end of the lower-third of the tortilla (meaning, not directly across the center), arrange a strip of 10 tablespoons coleslaw across the surface of the sandwich.  Tip from Mel:  Because creamy coleslaw is technically a wet ingredient, I place it on a paper-towel-lined plate for a few moments, to remove the excess moisture.

IMG_5597 IMG_5597 IMG_5597 IMG_5597 IMG_5597 IMG_5361~Step 3. Starting at the side closest to you, lift the tortilla up and tightly over the top of the diced fillings.  Continue to tightly roll the tortilla until it is sitting, seam-side-down, near the top of the plastic wrap.  Lift the plastic wrap up and tightly over the rolled tortilla, and continue to roll, until the tortilla is sitting, seam-side-down, near the bottom of the plastic wrap. Seal the left and right ends of the plastic wrap, folding the ends of the tortilla, on both sides underneath the tortilla, to tightly encase and seal the wrap sandwich at both ends.  Set aside for 5-10 minutes, or up to 2 hours in the refrigerator, prior to slicing into desired-sized pieces and serving.  Slice the sandwich in half at a 30° angle while holding the knife at a 30° angle.

Tightly wrapping the tortilla in plastic, &, giving it a short rest, will make the sandwich very easy to slice & serve.

IMG_5631RedHot Buffalo Chicken, Blue Cheese & Slaw Wrap:  Recipe yields  instructions to make as many Italian-style salami and cheese wraps as you want to/1 main-dish serving serving each wrap sandwich/6 appetizer-sized servings each wrap sandwich.

Special Equipment List: cutting board; chef's knife; plastic wrap; butter knife; serrated bread knife

IMG_5368Cook's Note: The exact origin of the tortilla wrap is not known, but several sandwich shops in various regions of California claim to have created the first one.  None of their stories can be verified, but, one thing that is, for the most part, agreed on:  the tortilla wrap was inspired by the burrito.  When making a tortilla wrap, the general rule of thumb is: any salad or sandwich ingredient combo that can be slapped between two slices of bread or shoved into a pocket bread, can be wrapped in a flour tortilla.  Be sure to get my tips on ~ The Best Way to Assemble and Wrap a Tortilla Wrap ~.

"We are all in this food world together." ~ Melanie Preschutti

(Recipe, Commentary and Photos courtesy of Melanie's Kitchen/Copyright 2020)


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