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~What's the Buzz -- Thick & Hearty Bronze-Cut Pasta~

IMG_5660Dried pasta, I'm guessing, is in 99.9 percent of all pantries.  Even if I didn't adore pasta as much as I do, not to mention have around 100 favorite ways to prepare around 100 of my favorite pasta shapes, several boxes of pasta would still be required to be in my pantry at all times.  Why? Because the majority of everyone I know loves pasta, and as the family cook, it's my responsibility to please as many people at one time as possible -- and pasta, as a side-dish or a main-course, is a simple, straightforward, sure-simmered way to do exactly that.  Pasta is feel-good eating.

The difference between run-of-the-mill & bronze-cut pasta...

IMG_5666... has little-to-nothing to do with the brand name.  Read on:

IMG_5640Let's start with me telling you this: there really is a difference -- it's not just a marketing ploy, and, it has little-to-nothing to do with the brand name on the box or the bag.  In a nutshell, all manufactured pasta starts by mixing flour and water into a doughy mass which gets extruded (pushed) though a machine via a die (a mold that may or may not be made of bronze) that shapes it into strands or fork-friendly pieces of various thicknesses, shapes and sizes prior to drying.  

IMG_5650Run-of-the-mill pasta dies, made of bronze or otherwise, are coated with Teflon for the obvious reason: it is cheaper because the machinery is easier to maintain.  In the case of run-of-the-mill pasta, it emerges from the machine slick, with a smooth surface and shiny look to it -- it has a polished finish, and it's pretty to look at, but, sauces tend to slide off it.  

IMG_5653Bronze-cut pasta dies, which are indeed bronze and not Teflon coated, renders the pasta rougher, more porous and less dense -- it's got a matt finish and feels rustic to the touch.  Bronze-cut pasta does cost the manufacturer (and the consumer) a bit more, but in the case of this pasta, all sauces love it, and happily stick to it, without any culinary coaxing.

Bronze-cut pasta -- the pasta all sauces loves to stick to:  

IMG_4813"We are all in this food world together." ~ Melanie Preschutti

(Recipe, Commentary and Photos courtesy of Melanie's Kitchen/Copyright 2020)


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