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~ RedHot Buffalo-Style Bread-Machine Pizza Dough ~

IMG_6581Seriously?  Yes, seriously.  Thanks to two great store-bought dry seasoning blends, Frank's RedHot Original Seasoning and Frank's RedHot Ranch Seasoning, you really can season your pizza dough in true Buffalo wing style, AND, trust me when I tell you, it makes one (actually two) awesome crusts for any Buffalo-style chicken pizza, or my recipe for Buffalo-Style chicken pizza.  Who wouldn't want to add authentic, full-throttle Buffalo-flavor to the pizza dough too!

IMG_63261 1/2  cups warm water

2  tablespoons olive oil

4 1/2  cups unbleached, all-purpose flour

2  teaspoons sea salt

2  teaspoons sugar

2  tablespoons Frank's RedHotRanch seasoning blend

2  tablespoons Franks's RedHot original seasoning blend

1  packet granulated dry yeast

IMG_6329 IMG_6329 IMG_6329 IMG_6329 IMG_6329~Step 1.  To make the Buffalo-seasoned bread-machine bread loaf, in the following order, in the pan of the breach machine, place the warm water and olive oil.  Add the flour, salt and sugar, followed by the RedHot Ranch seasoning and RedHot original seasoning.  Do not stir.  Using your index finger, make a small, semi-shallow indentation on top of the dry ingredients, but not so deep as to reach the liquid below.  Add the yeast to the indentation.

IMG_6341 IMG_6341 IMG_6341 IMG_6341~Step 2.  Insert the bread pan into the bread machine.  Plug the machine in, select the "pizza dough" cycle.  Push start.  Walk away.  Do not lift the lid to check in on the kneading, rising or baking process.  Don't do it.  Fifty-five minutes later, hen machine signals it's done, open the lid.  You will have 2 pounds, 4-ounces of ready-to-use Buffalo-seasoned pizza dough.

IMG_6593 IMG_6593~ Step 3. To form the pizza dough into pizza crusts, using a paper towel, oil 2, 12" round pizza pans or 2, 12" x 9" rectangular pans with about 2 tablespoons olive oil on each pan. Place one ball of dough (1 pound each) on each pan and allow to rest, about 10-15 minutes -- to give the gluten time to relax.  Thirty minutes is ok too. Pat and press dough evenly across bottoms and evenly up sides of pans. I do this in 3 parts taking 15-20 minutes, allowing dough to rest 5 minutes each time before patting and pressing.

Proceed w/any recipe for Buffalo-Style Chicken Pizza

IMG_5966RedHot Buffalo-Style Bread-Machine Pizza Dough:  Recipe yields 2 1/4 pounds pizza dough/enough for 2, 12" round pizzas/6-8 slices each pizza.

Special Equipment List: 2-cup measuring container; bread machine; 2, 12"-round pizza pans.

IMG_6454Cook's Note:  To take this bread-machine pizza dough recipe one step further, and bake it into a loaf, choose the "white bread" (instead of "pizza dough") and let the machine bake it.  It makes great RedHot-Ranch Croutons for my RedHot Buffalo Chicken Chef Salad.

"We are all in this food world together." ~ Melanie Preschutti

(Recipe, Commentary and Photos courtesy of Melanie's Kitchen/Copyright 2020)


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