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~ Welcome to my cooking blog: Kitchen Encounters ~

WordItOut-word-cloud-446035I am here for two reasons:  myself and you.

If you can't cook but want to learn; if you love to cook but don't have the time; if you are an experienced gourmet and are looking for ideas; if you're a professional chef and are just curious; if you're one of my family members, personal friends or students who have been begging me to start a blog:  over the past 30 years I've had special encounters with all of you in some capacity and I'll be sharing these Kitchen Encounters keeping all of you in mind.  What can you do to help me? 

Ask relevant questions.

Make respectful comments.

Share interesting ideas.

Criticize with caution.

Sound reasonable?  Well then, welcome to Kitchen Encounters -- where every post, complete with step-by-step photos, is a cooking class!

PS.  If you hate cooking and ended up here at my blog for whatever reason, give me the chance to change your mind -- welcome aboard!

"We are all in this food world together." ~ Melanie Preschutti

To leave a comment, click on the blue title of any post, scroll to the end of that post and type away, or, e-mail me directly.  I'll be looking forward to hearing from all of you!



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Melanie, your Kitchen Encounters blog sounds like a welcoming space for everyone, from beginners to seasoned chefs. I admire your passion for cooking and your commitment to sharing your knowledge with others. I'm excited to learn from your posts and hopefully improve my own skills in the kitchen. Looking forward to exploring the recipes and tips you have to offer!

Welcome to Kitchen Encounters! Your blog is a treasure trove of culinary inspiration and expertise. From tantalizing recipes to insightful cooking tips, it's a delight for food enthusiasts like me. Thank you for sharing your passion for cooking and creating a welcoming space for fellow kitchen adventurers!

I am the last one who doesn't like to do cooking but will give you a chance to change my mind, you are doing a great job.

Love your recipe

Cocinas -- Your kind comment (translated, "I love your cooking blog and follow your posts. In our kitchen company we have recipes like yours."), is very much appreciated. Thank-you!

Me encanta tu blog de cocina y sigo vuestras publicaciones. En nuestra empresa de cocinas contamos con recetas como las vuestras.

Robert -- The best I can do is suggest a building supply store or a landscaping service. If they don't sell them, they will most likely be able to tell you who does.

Looking for a large grate to cook chicken over an open fire. Can you help?

I like the helpful info you provide for your articles.
I will bookmark your blog and check once more right here regularly.

Good site you've got here... It’s hard to find good quality writing like yours nowadays. I truly appreciate people like you! Take care!!

Click on this link and check it Old Fashioned Cocktail Recipes

Thank-you Louis!

Great post

I greatly enjoyed this post! Have been keeping up with
your blog for overr a year and your always putting outt sime great articles.

I shared this on my twitter and my followers loved it! Keep up the good work :

Just starting my own blog about cooking.

Thanks for your kind words and your support!

I love to cook but don't have the time; I am here to learn from you.

It is the lovely and the informative post which you have shared with us i like this very much. This makes me feel good while going through.

Thank-you Fredy!

Congratulations. It is a nice blog.

Thanks Robin! Looking forward to getting to know you! ~ Mel.

Wonderful Blog, Thank-you for sharing your talents!

Thanks for welcoming.

Wow... Thanks... I'm at the first time on your blog! And I like it! Thanks for sharing info. Keep up the good work.

James! I remember you!!!

I can't thank you enough for the kind words and encouragement! So glad you are enjoying my foodie blog, and:

Keep on cooking!

Joe and I hope to see you again soon (visit anytime),

Hi Mel! I'm Joe Masko's grandson. I had dinner at your home about 20 years ago after a Blue & White game and still remember it! I stumbled across Kitchen Encounters a few months ago and have been reading since. I've successfully made a few of your recipes and look forward to more! Keep them coming!

Jim Masko

Welcome Sheila!

Truly, this is for me! I have been wanting to cook but there are just as many reasons as knowing how to walk.

I guess I have selected a mind blowing and interesting blog.

Great explanation of what this blog has to offer. For years, I would be the person that always bought their meals. I was fed up with having to pay so much, so I decided to learn to cook. I have been following blogs like this for a couple of week now, but I have yet to find a blog that was as informative and engaging as yours. Thanks for the inspiration and motivation.

Donna! What a fun surprise! Please say hello to Claudia and Lee! She's one of my favorite Leo's! I'm pleased that you like my website, and, that the neighborhood grapevine passed it along to Claudia (I truly didn't think any of them knew about it, as I'm so busy these days I have almost no time to visit with anyone)! Well... gotta get back to work... I had company for the Arts Festival weekend and I have 2 new posts to get out the door "yesterday". I hope to hear from you often! ~ Mel.

I'm a friend of Claudia & Lee Fanning. We had dinner with then last night & she told me aboout you. This is a wonderful web site! Can't wait to start making some of your recipes. Being Italian, I can't wait to try your Italian recipes!

Donna Mauerhan
Charlotte, North Carolina

I can't cook but want to learn; I love to cook but don't have the time; I am here to learn from you.

This is so funny. I thought we weren't going to hear from you for three days and everytime I refresh, there's a new fun post!

This is fantastic. Looking forward to trying out methods and recipes here.

Debbie! It is great to be back in touch with you again! Keep me posted as you try my recipes and feel free to pass Kitchen Encounters along to your friends! Perhaps is was my Barbie Dream Kitchen that started it all?!?

Melanie, this is just great! I look forward to testing your recipes and reading your blog posts. You certainly came a long way from playing Barbie Dolls.

Dana! How fun to hear from you "on here"! When I talked to Van the other day I told him we four need to get-together soon... Joe and I would love to catch up with the two of you! Thanks for your kind words and your support! ~ Mel.

Hi Mel!
Jeannie Cocolin gave me your link and I love it! I signed up and am forwarding to other friends. Thank you and keep up the good work!
Dana Neil Arvin

Bob! There is nothing better than a compliment from an "old" friend. You just made my day!

Hi Melanie, Wow, I'm impressed. Your site looks great! The food looks great. Your kitchen looks great...And Most importantly, U look great!...The only thing I know how to do in the kitchen is EAT!, so put me in the category of trying to change that, as it isn't the cooking I mind, it's the Clean Up!

That being a personal problem...I just have to say that you really have done a great job here and I look forward to trying some of the things you've got on tap...As our illustrious past Guvanator used to say, "I'll Be Back" Love Ya Girl!

Your Old Pal,
Bob Fritz

Ron! How nice to hear from you! Actually, I do leave the house occasionally... for instance I have a meeting at WPSU this afternoon! That being said, cooking, photographing food, blogging, and shooting TV segments for WHVL is keeping me quite busy right here in the comfort of Melanie's Kitchen! Please stop by and say hi soon!!!

Hey Mel.....I was just talking with Joe and he mentioned your website and I just had to say hello and you look great!!!.....He also mentioned that you don't leave the house if at all.......that's pretty funny.....Looking to check out your site and I will pass it on to all my contacts........Take care!!!!.......Ron Spinelli

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